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In constructing the narrative around this legendary aircraft raised from the seabed, we are able to tell stories about the object, the technology, the people and the wider context of its time. An important focus of the Dornier 17 recovery project is bringing together and sharing these previously untold stories from around the world. Already, the project has got in touch with:

Gerhard Krems, the last living pilot of a Dornier 17

– Paddy Hughes, son of WWII Pilot Desmond Hughes believed to be one of the pilots to shoot down the recovered aircraft


But this is where we need your help. No story is too small or insignificant. We want to hear from you.

– Did you work in the aviation industry during the World War Two? Or do you remember relatives recounting their experiences of doing so?

– Perhaps you remember sheltering from Dornier Do17s during the Blitz as a young child or maybe you witnessed one flying overhead during the Battle of Britain? Were you living in Germany?

– Or do you have another story to tell…

So if you have a story, or know a friend or relative somewhere in the world that does, we look forward to hearing from you.

Please email marketing@rafmuseum.org and we’ll make contact with you.