The Seatech Team

“When Seatech first heard the news that the Dornier aircraft had been discovered on the Goodwin Sands we immediately wanted to be involved in this project. We recognised the national historic importance of the aircraft, and we felt sure that our worldwide experience in salvaging other sunken vessels would benefit the project.

However, this is the first time Seatech has been asked to salvage an aircraft, and although the basic operations of the salvage operation are similar whether the vessel is an aircraft, a ship or a boat, lifting an aircraft from the seabed presented a new set of challenges. Aircraft are obviously of a much lighter construction than ships, and the length of time that the Dornier has been submerged meant that we couldn’t rely on the structural integrity of the airframe to hold the aircraft together during the recovery operation” (Martin Barker, Seatech)

Seatech Civil and Marine offer commercial diving services. It is an established under-water and multi-disciplined company with many years diving and marine construction experience in both the UK and Europe.
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