Please help us raise the remaining £250,000 required to save the world’s only surviving Do 17.

Donate today and save a unique piece of aviation history.

“The Dornier is a hugely exciting project and we’re lucky that so many people share our enthusiasm for recovering and conserving this unique aircraft. With the lift complete, our focus is now on raising money to support the conservation of this at risk artefact to ensure that the Dornier is preserved so that future generations can learn from her story. If you would like to make a donation to support the conservation of the Dornier please click here…This is an on-going project and we anticipate the conservation will take at least two years. The aircraft is in a vunerable state and her future condition uncertain. We can only preserve her using state of the art techniques. This is an expensive process and we need your support to ensure the Dornier can take her rightful place on exhibition within our Battle of Britain collection. The Museum holds eight of the twelve remaining Battle of Britain aircraft and we desperately want to increase this number to nine. The RAF Museum is a charity and needs your support to make this a reality. Please donate to our Dornier 17 conservation appeal and help ensure we can save the Dornier 17″

[Andy McGlynn, Head of Fundraising]

We hope to raise £250,000 from individuals like you in order to help support this conservation and so save this hugely significant aircraft. Please become an appeal supporter today. You can make a donation of any size and it will make a real contribution to our efforts to save the Dornier.


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